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  1. Small Business Showcase - Hilda's Planet

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    Small Business Showcase - Hilda's Planet

    A very exciting Showcase this week as we launch books onto our website. I am so pleased to start with the wonderful Hilda's Planet.  The series of books are written by Emily with nature and the great outdoors at the heart of the stories. Inspriring the next generation to look after our planet, and the wildlife, plants and people that inhabit it

    Emily very kindly shared a bit more about her and Hilda's Planet. 


  2. Small Business Showcase - The Den Kit Co.

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    Small Business Showcase - The Den Kit Co.

    I have received so much wonderful feedback following the launch of our Small Business Showcase Blog last week. 

    Next up is The Den Kit Co. A wonderful company creating resources for creative, fun and unprescribed outdoor play. They are also local to me, so it is lovely to be able to support a local business in Shropshire.


  3. Small Business Showcase - Melodie Treasures

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    Small Business Showcase 

    I feel fortunate that I can support and work with so many talented creators and small business owners. 

    To celebrate their talent, I thought it would be good to find out a bit more about the creators behind the brand and understand a bit more about their business. 

    Our first lovely business is Melodie Treasures, I have loved working with Kath to design our exclusive peg dolls, she is so talented I love the dolls she has created.