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  1. Small Business Showcase - Sew Dawn to Earth

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    Small Business Showcase 

    I love finding new small businesses, and when doing my Christmas shopping last year I found Sew Dawn to Earth who had been recommended by a few of my team. I ordered some snoods for my children and niece and they were super comfy and beautifull made. I will definately be ordering again. 

    Dawn then joined by team at The Wooden Play Den and its great to have a fellow business owner onboard. She was the perfect candidate for Small Business Showcase.




  2. Small Business Showcase - Alexia Claire

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    Small Business Showcase

    I had seen the beautiful cards that Alexia created and had received a pack myself which my daughter loved, and thought they would be a great addition to my range. I love to try out the toys on my own children first - they have pretty goof opinions! 

    I went onto meet Alexia when she attended Autum Fair in 2021. It was great to meet, face to face the creator of the business in a world which is now so digital. 

    Here I chat with Alexia about her business creation. 


  3. Small Business Showcase - Hilda's Planet

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    Small Business Showcase - Hilda's Planet

    A very exciting Showcase this week as we launch books onto our website. I am so pleased to start with the wonderful Hilda's Planet.  The series of books are written by Emily with nature and the great outdoors at the heart of the stories. Inspriring the next generation to look after our planet, and the wildlife, plants and people that inhabit it

    Emily very kindly shared a bit more about her and Hilda's Planet. 


  4. Small Business Showcase - The Den Kit Co.

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    Small Business Showcase - The Den Kit Co.

    I have received so much wonderful feedback following the launch of our Small Business Showcase Blog last week. 

    Next up is The Den Kit Co. A wonderful company creating resources for creative, fun and unprescribed outdoor play. They are also local to me, so it is lovely to be able to support a local business in Shropshire.