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  1. Make this Book Wild

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    Make this Book Wild 

    Blog by Laura @

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    I can honestly say, we have never seen a book quite like this one, it combines nature, creativity and exploration all in one beautiful place. The illustrations alone are absolutely captivating, but combined with the ideas for exploring nature they are magical. The idea of drawing, cutting and getting a book muddy on purpose is something that doesn’t come naturally to many book lovers, but the idea of creating a scrap book style story of your nature based adventures is great fun!

  2. Autumn Treasures

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    Autumn Treasures

    by Laura

    Autumn is the season of nature’s bounty: so many natural treasures can be observed and collected at this time of year. It’s the perfect time of year to get out and about and discover the changing world around us. It can be really fun to get your little ones to join you on an adventure into nature this time of year, I often find they are super little spotters, always looking for something to fill their pockets. Conkers and acorns are a real favourite for my two to collect – we love using them to aid in learning too, counting and sorting are great activities to do.

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  3. Nature Play - Birds

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    Birds – one theme, lots of ways.

    Written by Laura @

    I love having a theme to stick to and inspire play and reading throughout the week. I don’t do an activity on it every day, but two or three play set ups a week pulled together with some reading works for me and my little ones. This week we’ve looked at Birds, here’s what we did, and some other ideas too.



  4. 30 Days Wild - Activity Ideas

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    30 days Wild

    by Laura

    The Wildlife Trust are again challenging us to spend the 30 days of June, wild. One wild act, big or small, every day in June aiming to bring people closer to nature.  At The Wooden Play Den, we are big advocates of outdoor play, and encouraging families to explore in nature – check out our #wpdnatureplay for loads of great ideas on how to incorporate toys and resources available from our shop into your adventures, to encourage a love and knowledge of nature.

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