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  1. Winter Play

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    Winter Play

    written by Laura

    Winter can be such a magical time of year, frost, low sun shining through bare branches, cosy days warm inside. Hot Chocolates, games and the beginnings of the return of greenery and light. Equally, it can be super easy to get stuck in the dark, wet days lacking in inspiration – never ending rain, mud and dampness. There are some toys that I come back to every winter, and specific activities that I find I rely on to fill our days this time of year.


  2. Wonderful World of Books

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    Wonderful World of Books

    Books are and absolute gift to parents, they offer your children magical worlds, learning opportunities, connection to the world around them, quiet time, answers to inevitable curiosities, and a wonderful opportunity to bond and relax together.

    The Wooden Play Den has a plethora of books, fiction and non-fiction which will guarantee to inspire and enthuse both your children and yourself, because let’s face it, if you’ve got to read you child’s favourite book on repeat you want it to be a good one!


  3. Spring Play Ideas

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    Spring play ideas

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    We’ve finally made it to Spring! I’ve never been happier to leave the Winter months behind. It’s been a long haul with lockdown and miserable weather. The days are so much brighter and signs of Spring are popping up everywhere with gorgeous daffodils and tulips and birdsong. I love Spring-themed activities and thought a blog sharing some of our Spring play might be useful😀.



  4. The Benefits of Bookish Play and using Story Sacks

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    The Benefits of Bookish Play and using Story Sacks

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    Bookish play is a wonderful way of introducing books to your little one and will generally keep their attention for much longer than just reading the story.  Children love to play! Fun and interactive activities based on their story book can spark their imagination and really bring a story to life.