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  1. Make this Book Wild

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    Make this Book Wild 

    Blog by Laura @

    Photo 14-06-2023, 22 22 20 (1)

    I can honestly say, we have never seen a book quite like this one, it combines nature, creativity and exploration all in one beautiful place. The illustrations alone are absolutely captivating, but combined with the ideas for exploring nature they are magical. The idea of drawing, cutting and getting a book muddy on purpose is something that doesn’t come naturally to many book lovers, but the idea of creating a scrap book style story of your nature based adventures is great fun!

  2. Nature Play - Birds

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    Birds – one theme, lots of ways.

    Written by Laura @

    I love having a theme to stick to and inspire play and reading throughout the week. I don’t do an activity on it every day, but two or three play set ups a week pulled together with some reading works for me and my little ones. This week we’ve looked at Birds, here’s what we did, and some other ideas too.



  3. Winter Play

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    Winter Play

    written by Laura

    Winter can be such a magical time of year, frost, low sun shining through bare branches, cosy days warm inside. Hot Chocolates, games and the beginnings of the return of greenery and light. Equally, it can be super easy to get stuck in the dark, wet days lacking in inspiration – never ending rain, mud and dampness. There are some toys that I come back to every winter, and specific activities that I find I rely on to fill our days this time of year.