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  1. Games for all the Family

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    Family Games

    During the School Holidays I love to find activities which are enjoyable for both my 8 year old son and my 5 year old Daughter, whether its exactly the same activity or the same toys with some adjustments to suit one of them. Its so much easier if we can all play with the same equipment rather than having two sets of toys out all the time. I picked out my top 3 games get you started, which work great for us across the age range. 

  2. Deaf Awareness

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    Deaf Awareness Week

    When I heard about Deaf Awareness week, I knew I wanted to know more, it isn't something I have any experience of personally, however I find it useful to understand a bit more about conditions that others are living with. You never know when you might meet someone and it might come in useful. 

    Deafness or hearing loss happens when one or more part of the ear are not working properly. There are different types of deafness and different levels of seveerity, having done a bit of reading, it really its quite a complex and varied condition. However, when I started researching, I knew exactly the person I wanted to hear from!

    A few years ago Mary got in touch when shopping for Christmas Gifts for her two children. It was lovely to be able to recommend certain toys and since then Mary has given me so many recommendations of toys which I now stock and have be enjoyd by many. 

    Mary has a son called Ewan Age 5 who is Deaf, and they really are very inspirational.


    Here Mary talks about her journey with Ewan and provides an insight into how they have adjusted to living with deafness. 


  3. Developing Social Skills through Play

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    Developing Social Skills through Play

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    Now that lockdown is easing and we are beginning to return to some sense of normality, our children will hopefully have more opportunities to play together, so I thought it was good timing for a blog exploring social play and how children develop their social skills through playing.



  4. The Benefits of Playing Games

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    The Benefits of Playing Games

    By Sheila O ‘Reilly @rascals_and_rainbows

    I introduced games to both my girls at age 3 and they really enjoy playing together. Board games, card games and games like Hape Ocean Rescue, are a great way to explore winning and losing with your child and an opportunity to teach them about playing fairly, following rules, taking turns and dealing with success and also disappointment.