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  1. Spring Play Ideas

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    Spring play ideas

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    We’ve finally made it to Spring! I’ve never been happier to leave the Winter months behind. It’s been a long haul with lockdown and miserable weather. The days are so much brighter and signs of Spring are popping up everywhere with gorgeous daffodils and tulips and birdsong. I love Spring-themed activities and thought a blog sharing some of our Spring play might be useful😀.



  2. Making Maths Fun

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    Making Maths Fun

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    I’m sure we are all pros at this homeschooling business at this stage right?!😅 Well I thought it might be helpful to share some ways to make Maths more fun, whether you are following home learning set out by school or making additional resources and activities to reinforce Maths concepts at home. 

    As we all know, young children learn best when they are playing and we need to make our maths activities practical and fun too. Children grasp concepts much more easily when they are meaningful and hands-on. Maths is all around us every day, when we check the time on our watch, pay for groceries, weigh fruit and veg etc. Therefore, we can introduce maths concepts to children at a young age. Real life experiences are by far the most meaningful for children and they, in turn, can imitate these situations in their play.

  3. Keeping fit and healthy in 2021-Part 2: Children’s physical health.

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    Keeping fit and healthy in 2021-Part 2: Children’s physical health.

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    In my previous blog, I explored a variety of ways to look after our children’s mental health. Of course their physical health also needs our attention, particularly at the moment during lockdown. Even prior to this lockdown, my little girl hadn’t returned to swimming, tennis or dance lessons as most activities weren’t happening or I was too anxious to send her. So I’ve been trying to ‘think outside the box’ to be more creative in getting my girls moving every day.

    We get outdoors for a spell every day unless it’s really pouring down! We all need the fresh air for our mental health, as well as our physical health. To make walks more entertaining, I will usually have a focus for their attention such as a scavenger hunt, looking for nature clues, a colour hunt, bird spotting etc. They are much more enthusiastic when there’s a challenge involved (and will walk a lot further too!!)


  4. Keeping fit and healthy in 2021 - Part 1: Children’s Mental Health

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    Keeping fit and healthy in 2021-
    Part 1: Children’s mental health.

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    Well it may be a new year but here we are back in another lockdown! Working from home, juggling parenting and homeschooling our children is quite a tall order for us all and no doubt the pandemic is taking its toll on our stress levels and mental health. We must remember too that this time is so challenging for our little people. They are missing their usual school routines, extra-curricular activities, mixing with their friends and getting out and about as a family. My own girls have accepted the changes in routine surprisingly well, but there have been tears and frustrations at times too when birthday celebrations have been cancelled, trips to the play park aren’t possible and swimming lessons or trips to the cinema are missed.



  5. Ways to Play - Yellow Door "Lets Investigate Stones"

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    Ways to Play - Yellow Door "Lets Investigate Stones"

    These unique resign stones are one of our most popular toys here at The Wooden Play Den. They are suitable for outdoor and messy play and can be washed easily. They are all approximately 7cm x 8cm  The footprints range are double sided with the animal on one side and the footprint on the other. The sets available are: 

    • Safari
    • Farmyard
    • Woodland
    • Dinosaur
    • Polar

    Other stones available which are one sided are:

    • Bugs
    • Fossils