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Travel Toys

It is that time of year again when we will be embarking on the summer holidays from school. Whether its a flight, train or car journey we will be travelling for day trips and the need to entertainment is required! My two are not great travellers, we listen to podcasts and stories but having a few compact and interesting toys really help.

Here are a few suggestions of toys that are great for taking out and about: 



1. Wooden Geo Board

Our first recommendation is the Wooden Geo Board. The set comes with a board, a set of cards and bands to make the patterns and pictures. The Age recommendation is from Age 4 upwards and my little lady who is nearly 8 loved following the pictures and also making her own. It is a neat size so great for on their knee in the card, in a restaurant or on a flight. 


2. Bag of Animals

Whether you love Lanka Kade, Eric and Albert or another brand of Wooden Animals, taking a little bag along on a trip create so many opportunities to play. We love a mixture of brands here and have a few of each sort. 


3. Go find it Cards

You will probably already know that we love these cards, however we also came up with a few other games with them. I spy, on a car journey - pick a card and then spot something out of the window in that theme, so if you pick the card Red or Stripey, can you see something outside? If you do you get to keep the card and if not you have to pass it on. 

Our second alternative game with these cards is picking a theme and naming an item from each card. For example, if you chose Animal as your theme and you pick the card "Huge" you might say, elephant or blue whale. 

There are two packs of cards which are different and the second pack has more elaborate descriptions so suited more for older children. 

828x828 828x828 (1)

4. Small and Mighty Books

These pocket friendly books have been a great find. Their compact size makes them perfect to fit in my handbag and take out with the kids. As soon as we need a bit of entertaining we reach for the book, learn a few facts or I ask them questions like a quiz. They love it. Again a good one for older children age 5 +. 

A range of themes available, Dinosaurs, Ocean, Space and so many more. 

1249x1500 832x1000

5. Games on the Go

A pack of 36 cards, with so many games included. 



6. Geometric Shape connecting Game

Great for creative minds - what can they build with the set of various shapes and colours. 


 7. Loose Parts Bag

For the younger children, a bag of loose parts is so intriging. We can put toegther a bag for you, either in Rainbow Colours or Natural. 


 8. Rainbow People

Keeping their mind active with these Rainbow twisty friends, change their clothes and make them multi coloured. Can be paired with the loose parts too. 




9. Rainbow Wooden Keys

How many toddlers love to play with keys, now they have their very own set All multicoloured with different numbers on each one. An opportunity to thread them onto the string too. 


10. Educational Cards

Similar to the books, these rhyming cards are a perfect size to take out and about, are full of facts, and an easy rhyme to remember.

Good for older children to be able to read themselves. Open to play as a pair with one reading out and the other guessing the animal. 

Themes available - Nature, Minibeasts, Space, History and Human Body


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