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  1. Winter Play

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    Winter Play

    written by Laura

    Winter can be such a magical time of year, frost, low sun shining through bare branches, cosy days warm inside. Hot Chocolates, games and the beginnings of the return of greenery and light. Equally, it can be super easy to get stuck in the dark, wet days lacking in inspiration – never ending rain, mud and dampness. There are some toys that I come back to every winter, and specific activities that I find I rely on to fill our days this time of year.


  2. Walking With Kids - Big Wild Walk

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    Walks with kids

    Next week the Wildlife Trust are hosting the #bigwildwalk to raise much needed funds towards their mission to restore at least 30% of the land and sea for nature by 2030. 

    Your challenge if you choose to accept is to walk 30km over the Big Wild Walk Week. Monday 25th October - Sunday 31st October. 

    We love walking as a family, and my two, now age 6 and 8 enjoy walking up hills, in forests and generally enjoy being outdoors. 


  3. Kids Party - Gift Ideas

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    Gift Ideas for Childrens' Parties 

    Since September things have certainly got much busier in our house. The school activities have started again, the clubs and sports are happening at the weekends and the children's party invitations have started to roll in. It can be difficult buying for children you don't know very well and I am concious that I want to buy things that will be used and played with. 

    I thought I would share my top 10 ideas that me and my team have come up with recently. 


  4. Mud Kitchen Play

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    Mud Kitchen Play

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    Mud kitchen season is upon us again with all the glorious sunshine over the past few weeks! My girls have been so busy concocting all sorts of creations for us to eat and drink in their new kitchen and I’m so delighted that the mess is being created in the garden and not the living room🙌😅