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  1. Ways to Play - Yellow Door "Lets Investigate Stones"

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    Ways to Play - Yellow Door "Lets Investigate Stones"

    These unique resign stones are one of our most popular toys here at The Wooden Play Den. They are suitable for outdoor and messy play and can be washed easily. They are all approximately 7cm x 8cm  The footprints range are double sided with the animal on one side and the footprint on the other. The sets available are: 

    • Safari
    • Farmyard
    • Woodland
    • Dinosaur
    • Polar

    Other stones available which are one sided are:

    • Bugs
    • Fossils




  2. Nature Play Outdoors

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    Nature Play Outdoors 
    Written by Sheila O’Reilly
    Outdoor play is such an important part of childhood and there is nothing my girls love more than getting outside to play and explore.
    Playing outdoors gives children the opportunity to exercise, develop stamina, strengthen gross motor muscles, takes risks, appreciate nature and much more.
    We have definitely acquired a new found appreciation of simple nature play since the arrival of Covid-19 and Lockdown in March. Much more time has been spent playing in parks and forests through Spring, Summer and now into Autumn this year and we have enjoyed observing the seasonal changes too.
  3. Den Kit - The Natural Fabric Art Kit

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    The Natural Fabric Art Kit

    When we saw the most recent additions to The Den Kit Co products we loved them instantly and knew we just had to try them out. We previously hadn't had anything prior from this brand so we were really hoping once the kit arrived it was as much fun as it looked! We chose the natural fabric art kit and it did not disappoint!
  4. Imaginative ideas for outdoor play

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    Imaginative ideas for outdoor play

    Of course, there is a great selection of traditional toys to play with outside, and don’t get me wrong we love these toys, bats and balls are enjoyed massively by us. There are also the toys given to us by nature, sticks, puddles, stones waves and more - we love all of these. But one of my favourite things as a parent is to watch imagination develop, see magical worlds created, and listen to narrative dreamt up by my son.