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  1. Play Ideas - Teddo Play Cards

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    Play Ideas - Teddo Play Cards
    Written by Emily Dalby
    After seeing the new additions to the website, we just knew we needed to try out the Teddo Play cards! As a home educating family they looked like a really great resource so we decided to go for the 'Where our Food Grows' cards.
    The cards are a really good size, they are a good thickness so sturdy enough to use without bending or curling edges like you'd get with paper or card. On one side there are real life photographs of various fruit and vegetables and on the other side of the card, it has the name of the fruit or vegetable along with some facts. The cards come in a lovely little storage box to keep them in and the magnets are included, if like us, you intend to use them on boards for learning.
  2. Top 10 Wooden Party Bag Fillers

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    Top 10 Wooden Party Bag Ideas

    During the last 18 months, most children have lived through a lockdown birthday. So as the parties start up again, I thought it would be a good idea to share my top tips for party bag fillers that will be loved, by children and parents alike.

    So often party bags are filled with small plastic toys, which the children love for  short time, but they either go out of favour or get broken, my list of wooden party bag fillers will hopefully get a welcome response as well as being well loved for many months and years to come. 


  3. Easter Activity Ideas

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    Easter Activity ideas

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    The Easter holidays are finally upon us..yay!! A break from school runs and homework and more time for play, crafts and chocolate!! I thought it might be useful to share some Easter craft and play ideas to keep our little ones busy over the next while as we continue to stay home as much as possible.


  4. Spring Play Ideas

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    Spring play ideas

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    We’ve finally made it to Spring! I’ve never been happier to leave the Winter months behind. It’s been a long haul with lockdown and miserable weather. The days are so much brighter and signs of Spring are popping up everywhere with gorgeous daffodils and tulips and birdsong. I love Spring-themed activities and thought a blog sharing some of our Spring play might be useful😀.



  5. Easter Gift Ideas

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    Easter Gift Ideas

    I love Easter. It is always around the time of my birthday so growing up there was always lots of family celebrations and plenty of chocolate treats around. It is also seen to be good luck to wear new clothes at Easter so we have carried on the tradition of giving clothes at Easter as well as a few other gifts which are alternatives to chocolate. However a sweet treat always makes its way in too! 

    You may be looking for some alternatives to chocolate gifts this Easter. I have put together some ideas which I hope will be useful.