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  1. Mud Kitchen Play

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    Mud Kitchen Play

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    Mud kitchen season is upon us again with all the glorious sunshine over the past few weeks! My girls have been so busy concocting all sorts of creations for us to eat and drink in their new kitchen and I’m so delighted that the mess is being created in the garden and not the living room🙌😅



  2. Easter Activity Ideas

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    Easter Activity ideas

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    The Easter holidays are finally upon us..yay!! A break from school runs and homework and more time for play, crafts and chocolate!! I thought it might be useful to share some Easter craft and play ideas to keep our little ones busy over the next while as we continue to stay home as much as possible.


  3. Spring Play Ideas

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    Spring play ideas

    Written by Sheila O’Reilly

    We’ve finally made it to Spring! I’ve never been happier to leave the Winter months behind. It’s been a long haul with lockdown and miserable weather. The days are so much brighter and signs of Spring are popping up everywhere with gorgeous daffodils and tulips and birdsong. I love Spring-themed activities and thought a blog sharing some of our Spring play might be useful😀.



  4. Den Kit - The Natural Fabric Art Kit

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    The Natural Fabric Art Kit

    When we saw the most recent additions to The Den Kit Co products we loved them instantly and knew we just had to try them out. We previously hadn't had anything prior from this brand so we were really hoping once the kit arrived it was as much fun as it looked! We chose the natural fabric art kit and it did not disappoint!
  5. Learning through playdough

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    Learning through playdough

    In this house, playdough is the one activity I can guarantee will give me five minutes of peace. All three kids can be brought back from the brink of meltdown with the aid of this wonderstuff - I don’t know whether it’s the sensory nature of it or just the repetitive action of kneading and rolling, but it works! The fact that it’s a creative activity, screen-free time, and easy clean-up is all just gravy!