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Ocean Play Ideas

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World Oceans Day

To mark World Ocean's Day I have put together some ideas for Ocean themed play. Its an easy way to start discussion with Children around the importance of our oceans and how we can protect them.

Photo 08-06-2022, 11 15 40


1. Small World Beach Play

Why not take your favourite ocean creatures to the beach for some themed play whilst at the seaside.  IMG_0808 Photo 25-05-2022, 22 11 24 IMG_0686

Then back at home you can re-create your beach and seside adventures.

Photo 08-06-2022, 11 15 40 Photo 08-06-2022, 07 00 17 Photo 08-06-2022, 20 42 07

2. Playdough fun

Creating scenes and pictures with Playdough became so much easier with the themed rollers. The Ocean themed rollers can be combne with some sea creatures and blue playdough. 

Photo 08-06-2022, 20 42 377dca976e-96e8-4f69-8a1e-bf8cad229407 8c56992a-b981-40f8-a554-05f77001654f

3. Bookish Play

Reading and putting together story sacks and bookish play bundles enables us to read through the stories and facts and learn more about the ocean. Otto's Ocean is a story all about pollution in the sea and introduces the need to reduce waste to protect our oceans. 

Photo 21-05-2022, 06 50 46 Photo 13-03-2022, 19 44 51 Photo 22-05-2022, 19 57 33

Photo 08-05-2022, 12 39 46 857ec561-3822-4a20-95a7-20c1ebbc4d4c IMG_0807

4. Role Play - Pirate themed play for some ocean adventures

 Photo 08-06-2022, 20 43 09 Photo 02-04-2022, 20 40 24 IMG_0817

5. Quiet time play

When we all need a bit of quiet time, a few ocean themed toys can be the perfect option. 

Photo 08-06-2022, 20 44 47 Photo 08-06-2022, 20 44 32 IMG_0389

I hope you have found this blog useful and gained plenty of ideas for Ocean themed play. "Ocean" is one of our play prompts for our #wpdsummerplay challenge. Just post your play and use the hashtag for your chance to win a £25 voucher to spend at The Wooden Play Den.

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