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Small Business Showcase - Sew Dawn to Earth

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Small Business Showcase 

I love finding new small businesses, and when doing my Christmas shopping last year I found Sew Dawn to Earth who had been recommended by a few of my team. I ordered some snoods for my children and niece and they were super comfy and beautifull made. I will definately be ordering again. 

Dawn then joined by team at The Wooden Play Den and its great to have a fellow business owner onboard. She was the perfect candidate for Small Business Showcase.




Here I found out more about Dawn and her business:  

I would love to find out how your business started?  

I started off my making some eco items like face wipes and reuseable kitchen roll for myself, and to give as gifts to friends and family. I then starting making some clothes for my boys (there were only two of them at this point!) as I was so fed up and uninspired by the selection of boys’ clothes on the high street. When I found out little Max was on the way, the obsession for making matching clothes for my 3 boys started! People then started to comment on how good they thought my creations were, which gave me the push to take the leap and start selling! 

How did you decide on a business name? 

This was the result of a fair few brainstorming sessions with my husband, Shane – all the ‘good’ names seemed to be taken! Shane eventually came up with the name ‘Sew Dawn to Earth, as a play on sewing and my name. He also designed my logo for me 😊  

What was the first thing you ever sold? 

My first sale through the official Etsy shop was for two pairs of pants! 

What does a day in the life of look like for you?  

Honestly? I’m lucky if I even manage to get any cutting or sewing done..! I have three beautiful boys; Clark (7), James (3) and Max (1) - and they run rings around me! What with doing the necessary housework, the school runs, taking Max to a couple of groups a week, and managing the complex medicinal and dietary needs that Clark and Max each have, I do find it hard to squeeze in the business! I also work part-time for the NHS; luckily I am able to work flexibly from home so just fit the hours in around whatever else is going on that week! 

What do you love most about your business? 

I have never been a particularly creative person, so I still find it amazing (and a bit surreal) that people ask me to make clothes for their little ones! It gives me a real sense of satisfaction seeing photos of my creations being worn and loved. 

What part of your job do you like the least?  

Probably the cutting out of the fabric. I would much rather sit at my sewing machine all day and create the clothing, than have to cut it all out beforehand – it just takes so long, especially as I’ve learned from my mistakes in the past so always take extra time now to make sure I’m doing it right!  


What’s your favourite product from your range?  

Ooooh tough question... I think I’d have to say the hoodies. They start as 11 different cut out pieces, but really quickly start to take shape. Then once they are finished they just look so lovely! Plus they are not made out of a thick material, so can be worn any time of the year – either on their own or as an extra layer 😊 

What is your least favourite?  

The bucket-style hats – yes they look great in the summer, but my word are they fiddly to make!! 

If you could give a mention to another UK business – which would you recommend? 

So hard to narrow it down to just one...! One of my lovely school mummy friends,, makes earrings, hair accessories and other bits out of polymer clay. They really are so beautiful and unique 😊  

What’s next for your business? 

I would love for my little business to ‘take off’ enough that I could quit my day job, and instead spend my days creating at my sewing machine! 

If you would like to see more of Dawn's creations head over to Instagram @sew_dawn_to_earth

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