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  1. Small Business Showcase 

    I feel fortunate that I can support and work with so many talented creators and small business owners. 

    To celebrate their talent, I thought it would be good to find out a bit more about the creators behind the brand and understand a bit more about their business. 

    Our first lovely business is Melodie Treasures, I have loved working with Kath to design our exclusive peg dolls, she is so talented I love the dolls she has created. 

  2. Imaginative ideas for outdoor play

    Of course, there is a great selection of traditional toys to play with outside, and don’t get me wrong we love these toys, bats and balls are enjoyed massively by us. There are also the toys given to us by nature, sticks, puddles, stones waves and more - we love all of these. But one of my favourite things as a parent is to watch imagination develop, see magical worlds created, and listen to narrative dreamt up by my son.


  3. Play Ideas for the Lockdown

    The weather has been really kind to us this week, so we have enjoyed being at home and spending some quality time with the kids. It is a strange time and nothing we have experienced before so we have all been adjusting. My son is showing some signs of uncertainty so I will try and keep with a bit of routine for him. 

    If you didn't see our last blog - check it out here. However our blog is full of other ideas for play so it it worth having a browse if you need a bit of inspiration