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  1. Supporting children at home with phonics
    By Sheila O'Reilly
    @Rascals_and_rainbows on Instagram
    Phonics is based on the fact that man spoke before he wrote! Phonological skills refers to hearing sounds in words. When we are teaching phonics to children, we teach them to 'Segment' - The ability to access the individual sounds in words; and 'Blend' - The ability to push sounds together in words; and 'Phoneme Manipulation' - Changing sounds in words. For example, say 'Stop' without the 's'. Say 'ten'. Say it again and change the 't' to 'p'.
  2. Toys to develop fine motor skills and Hand Strength

    Fine motor skills and hand strength help children perform important everyday tasks such as, feeding themselves, zipping clothes and writing and drawing.

    Fine motor skills are an important factor when children are learning to write and the strength and dexterity in their hand can assist in their success or hinder their progress.

    Two recent additions to The Wooden Play Den provide great opportunity for development of fine motor skills and two of my lovely team tried them out with their children.


  3. Small Business Showcase - Hilda's Planet

    A very exciting Showcase this week as we launch books onto our website. I am so pleased to start with the wonderful Hilda's Planet.  The series of books are written by Emily with nature and the great outdoors at the heart of the stories. Inspriring the next generation to look after our planet, and the wildlife, plants and people that inhabit it

    Emily very kindly shared a bit more about her and Hilda's Planet. 


  4. Wooden Toys for your Baby

    Blog by Laura @

    The Wooden Play Den has an amazing selection of toys that can enhance a baby’s experiences and development, and that have a good level of longevity in them too. Elsie has been playing with toys from the wooden play den since she was born, and already at 10 months old is showing preferences for her favourites. It’s really great to be able to play collaboratively with your baby, while also enjoying the toys and variety yourself. I’m here to tell you about our top selection of toys: