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  1. Play Ideas for the Lockdown

    The weather has been really kind to us this week, so we have enjoyed being at home and spending some quality time with the kids. It is a strange time and nothing we have experienced before so we have all been adjusting. My son is showing some signs of uncertainty so I will try and keep with a bit of routine for him. 

    If you didn't see our last blog - check it out here. However our blog is full of other ideas for play so it it worth having a browse if you need a bit of inspiration

  2. Learning at Home

    During this period of time where the schools are closed, I am keen to keep up with some learning with my little man and try and make some plans so our days run smoothly.

    Everyone will have a different approach and you will have to find the right solution for you. I know my little man likes routine so he will like to know what we are doing each day, he also needs regular activity time and down time, so for us I will need to factor this in. 

  3. Wooden Bread and Toppings Set


    The thing about becoming an adult is we lose our ability to play. OK this may not be the case for everyone but it was for me, it took a child with new eyes, learning everything for the first time and learning most of that through play, to make me rediscover the wonder of it. So it would be a fair assessment to say I'm a bit obsessed with toys. Toys for fun, toys for education, toys to spark creativity and the one that's really resinating with Mr "just turned 2" at the moment, toys for role play.

  4. Wooden Toys Subscriptions

    I recently hosted a Facebook Event to answer all of the questions people have about Wooden Toy Subscriptions. There are a number of different options available, which can seem confusing if you havent had a subscription before. 

    I have collated all of the questions and responses in one place, so if you are considering a subscription with The Wooden Play Den, hopefully this may give you a bit more infomation.