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  1. Baby
    A Baby's first Christmas is such a special occasion, however they might not know much about it! Babies change so much at this age so don't worry about buying toys for right now, buying for the year ahead is a great ideas so you have toys to bring out as they interests change and develop. Here is a selection of toys recommended for this age group. 
  2. Alphabet Games

    Are you like me and wondering how on to teach the alphabet to a pre-schooler?

    My eldest (now 17) had a love for letters and numbers before she could talk. By 2 and a half she knew all her letters and began adding them together to make sounds. She also knew her numbers to 20. Her obsession with letters meant that before she started school she could read and write basic words and was already learning to add and subtract numbers.

    However, Ronnie is the proof that it doesn’t work that way for everyone — at three and a half, he doesn’t recognise any letters or numbers and so I’ve become very aware I need to change our approach to help him grasp the concept. I also need to find ways to do this without Ronnie becoming bored! 

  3. Wooden toys supporting children with additional needs

    So a brief bit about me to start. I am Naomi (@naomimorris16), mum to two girls aged 7 and 3. My eldest daughter has Autism, and I have worked in the field of special needs for the last 11 years. I am hoping in the blog that follows, you will gain some insight into how wooden toys can be beneficial to all children, but in particular to those with additional needs. Not a day goes by at both home and school where we don’t use at least one wooden toy!

    Photo 1 - Wooden Toy selection