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  1. Summer Activity: In the garden

    We have enjoyed some lovely weather this summer already and kids love being outdoors don't they? 

    Getting children involved in household and garden activities is a life skill and whether that is helping you cook, clean or helping out in the garden it's all valuable to their development and learning. 

    This blog gives you some ideas of how to get your little ones helping out in the garden, and a few easy activities you can do with them this summer. 

  2. Back to School!  

    Somewhere in the middle of August is that moment I begin to panic. Yes, we have had 3 weeks of fun together. We may have been on holiday or not, played outside or in, enjoyed days out or at home... but we haven’t done any school work. What if my kids have forgotten everything they learned at school this year? How can I help them better face the new school year? How can I support  all the teachers' hard work and get them off to be flying start? 

    I had good intentions this year to continue some formal learning during the holidays, some writing, reading and maths work. I asked my little man's teacher about maths activities which would help him and was all prepared to incorporate it into the summer holidays. Now we are in week 4 and these acitivities have not surfaced. I know our children need a break too, so I am not too worried, but with Back to School only a week away, I thought it was time to get my little man's school hat back on!


    These are my picks to support the foundation stage and key stage 1. 

  3. Wooden Writing Board available from The Wooden Play Den 

    I love the versatility of open ended toys, but somtimes it can be tricky if you get stuck for ideas. 

    These wipeable wooden writing boards have been a great hit. Each with their own individual grain, they offer a world of opportunity as they can can be reused over and over again.  So many of my lovely customers have shared their play ideas using these boards. I thought I would collect them all together into a blog to share with you for inspiration. 

  4. On 20th July 2019, it is the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landings, so we are planning a week filled with Space themed play.

    To kick start the week, one of my lovely customers, Caroline has provided a review of the Robot Construction Kit.

    Robot Construction Kit: Review

    My kids are robot OBSESSED. It started with Ned, who we naturally cant get enough of, then extended into robot books, t-shirts, pajamas… if its got a robot on, they want it. We have made robots using junk from the recycling box, and even robot costumes – mostly out of delivery boxes from The Wooden Play Den! So when I saw the Tenderleaf robot construction set it was a no-brainer.