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  1. Games for all of the Family

    by Laura

    We love games in our house, they are a great way to come together and spend some time in each others company with no distractions and a common interest. There is such a great selection of games on the market, so finding something a little different can be a challenge. The Wooden Play Den have a great selection of games from Small Foot who have created a really tactile and beautiful range of games. It’s also the perfect time of year to invest in a game or two as the days are wetter, and the nights longer. They are also amazing gifts for Christmas.

    IMG_4935 IMG_4934


  2. Travel Toys

    It is that time of year again when we will be embarking on the summer holidays from school. Whether its a flight, train or car journey we will be travelling for day trips and the need to entertainment is required! My two are not great travellers, we listen to podcasts and stories but having a few compact and interesting toys really help.

    Here are a few suggestions of toys that are great for taking out and about: 


  3. Make this Book Wild 

    Blog by Laura @

    Photo 14-06-2023, 22 22 20 (1)

    I can honestly say, we have never seen a book quite like this one, it combines nature, creativity and exploration all in one beautiful place. The illustrations alone are absolutely captivating, but combined with the ideas for exploring nature they are magical. The idea of drawing, cutting and getting a book muddy on purpose is something that doesn’t come naturally to many book lovers, but the idea of creating a scrap book style story of your nature based adventures is great fun!

  4. Christmas Themes

    written by Laura

    One of my favourite things to do when giving gifts to my children is to put a few things together that fit under one theme. The Wooden Play Den makes this super easy for you by sorting toys into categories on the website and I’m going to showcase some of our favourite toys by theme here.



  5. Christmas Gift Guide - Advent Calendar Fillers. 

    There are so many advent calendars available now. If you are putting together your own I have made a few suggestions for toys which are small enough to pop in, but also good value to not break the bank. 

    How about doing 12 days, or even have a chocolate or sweet in alternative days so you are not buying so many items.

    1. Lanka Kade Advent

    Buy 12 or 24 Lanak Kade figures for your advent calendar - specify the them and receive them at a discount. 


    2. Bracelets - £1. 


    3. Flashcards


    We have a range of flashcards available from Little Robins, Playful Little Readers and Alexia Claire. The idea to buy a pack and split them for one each day. Would give a lovely discussion point each day. Maybe a different mini beast or planet. 

    4. Spinning Tops




    5. Stacking Animals - £9.95

    This lovely set of animals is really good value, you could split the pack and put an animal in each day.