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Learning at Home

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Learning at Home

During this period of time where the schools are closed, I am keen to keep up with some learning with my little man and try and make some plans so our days run smoothly.

Everyone will have a different approach and you will have to find the right solution for you. I know my little man likes routine so he will like to know what we are doing each day, he also needs regular activity time and down time, so for us I will need to factor this in. 


Here are a few ideas to get you started:

1 - Focus on Play based learning - do not worry too much about formal classroom learning. Children learn best through play especially when they are small. Think about Smallworld play, imaginative play, role play, story time. 

2 - Ensure you factor in regular, snack time, down time and activity time. Take the opportunity to eat meals together and always have some exercise during the day, even if its walking the dog or being in the garden for half an hour. 

3 - Reading, whether you are reading to your children or your children are reading to you, factor some storytime into your day. You could create story sacks, act them out and bring the characters to life. Here are a few Story Sack Ideas 

4 - Create a jar full of activity ideas, I loved this idea when shared by a friend so before we start the week I am going to create a jar full of activities. When we don't fancy one of the actvities I had planned or we just don't know what to do, we can pick an activity out to complete. Some ideas include, do a jigsaw, do some dancing, bake, junk modelling etc. 

5 - Set them challenges - my children love a game, so sending them off to find different things in the house is great fun. If I want them to create a story sack, I say - go and find a certain book, then send them off to collect other props from around the house which they can use. 

These are just a few of my initial ideas after chatting to friends. I would love to hear your ideas and how you are going to tackle this strange and scary time. 

Look out for more activity ideas coming soon 

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