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Christmas Gift Guide - Advent Calendars

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Christmas Gift Guide - Advent Calendar Fillers. 

There are so many advent calendars available now. If you are putting together your own I have made a few suggestions for toys which are small enough to pop in, but also good value to not break the bank. 

How about doing 12 days, or even have a chocolate or sweet in alternative days so you are not buying so many items.

1. Lanka Kade Advent

Buy 12 or 24 Lanak Kade figures for your advent calendar - specify the them and receive them at a discount. 


2. Bracelets - £1. 


3. Flashcards


We have a range of flashcards available from Little Robins, Playful Little Readers and Alexia Claire. The idea to buy a pack and split them for one each day. Would give a lovely discussion point each day. Maybe a different mini beast or planet. 

4. Spinning Tops




5. Stacking Animals - £9.95

This lovely set of animals is really good value, you could split the pack and put an animal in each day. 



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