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Christmas Gift Guide - Toddlers

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Christmas Gift Guide Toddler

Do you have a child to buy for between the ages of 1 and 3. This section is perfect for them. If they are approaching Age 3, the preschool section might be worth a browse too. 

Here are my suggestions for gifts for toddlers this Christmas. 


1. Car Transporter £36.50

Toddlers and Pre School Children love this Car Transporter with so many moving parts. Load the cars on, push the ramps down and drive off. 

Car Transporter

2. Shape Twister - £10.50

500x335 (1)

3. Easy Hold Discovery Set - £39.50

1000x668 (1)

4. Farmer Duck - Story Sack

1500x1500 (1)

5. Sunny Doll/Leaf Family - £13.95

These Dolls are a perfect size for little hands, and a big favourite with children age 1-3 especially. 

0cc256a9-83e3-4b99-b13c-e23384367bd91000x1000 (3)

6. Push Along/Vehicles - £6.00


7. Loose Parts Bag - Natural £11.50 - Rainbow £14.50

1000x1000 (1) 1000x1000

8. My Forest Floor - £78.95

So much to explore and a lovely set that grows with this as they get older. 

1000x1000 (4)

9. Hammer Bench - £16.50

What is more fun than a toy which allows you to hit it with a hammer. This type of toy was so popular with my 2 when they were age 1-2. 

10. Wicker Shopping Basket & Food - £29.95

Pretend play may start to enter their world at ages 2-3, and food is the perfect place to start. Children also love a basket and carrying objects around. Filling, emptying and refilling this basket never gets old for children of this age. 



11. Playdough from £3.25

Toddlers love getting messy and it might be the first time you introduce them to playdough. The Wooden Writing Boards can be used as a great base for playdough and to keep any mess within a specific area. 

Photo 14-09-2022, 21 30 33

Wooden Writing Board can be used as the perfect base. Pictured here with the Pizza Toppings set  


12. Christmas Jigsaws  - £5.50

A Christmas Themed gift 


13. Town Play Set - £22.50

Can also be purchased as a part set

For even more gift ideas for Toddlers you can view a bigger range here. 

If you are looking for Toddler Gifts which can be sent Gift Wrapped please Click Here.

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