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Christmas Gift Guide - Baby

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Christmas Gift Guide Baby (1)

A baby's first Christmas is such a special time, excitement to share it with a new family addition. 

Here are a few gift ideas for baby, it is always good buying a few things which they can grow into as babies change so much in terms of development over the first few years especially. I hope this gives you a few ideas. 

1. My First Sensory Bundle - £25

A bundle of toys perfect for babies and toddlers - so much to explore and experience. 

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2. Easyhold Mirror - £7.25

A Easyhold Mirror is easy for little hands to hold and look at the reflection looking back at them 



3. Ocean Flashcards - £14.50

Black and White is perfect for newborns and babies under 6 months. A lovely gift to share with an older sibling who would enjoy the facts included too. 


4.Story Sacks from £13.50

Bring Stories to lift with figures and play, a lovely gift for children of all ages. 

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5. Rainbow Nuts and Bolts - £10.50

Practice those fine motor skills with these nuts and bolts. Recommended for 6 month up to age 2



6. Jingle sticks £4.50

Have some musical fun this Christmas with these jingle bells. 


7. Sensory Reflective Sound Buttons - £15.95

Each has a different sound and different colour to explore. 


8. Rainbow Organza £3.75

Play peekaboo with these lovely Rainbow Organzas, love these for baby play. 7 colours available 


9. Rainbow Tunnel - £14.75


10. Animal Block Puzzle - £12.49

Dinosaur, Mini Beast, Farm and Jungle Animal available. 



11. RainbowWooden Keys  - £15.95

Babies love keys! So why not get them their own set. 


12. Stacking Animals £9.95

A lovely first set of animals. Chunky and lovely to the touch. 



13. Sensory Blocks £49.95

Full set - £49.95

Set of 4 £15.50


14. Christmas Toys.

A few Christmas Figures is the perfect gift, you can bring them out year after year. We love the Lanka Kade range for being so colourful and robust. 


To see even more Gift Ideas for babies please click here .

To see a selection of Baby Toys which can be sent Gift Wrapped Click Here. 

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