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Rhyming Nature Cards

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Rhyming Nature Cards 

Review by Emily Dalby @freerangeedventurer

We received one of the new additions to the website today, the Rhyming in Nature cards. They are a really good size, the illustrations of the animals are absolutely beautiful and it's brilliant that they look like true representations of the animals and not cartoon like as some other animal cards tend to be.



There is a lovely little rhyming card that explains the who am I style of the game which Jack really loved! It created a lot of excitement from him and he was very keen to play and see if he could work out the animals that were being described in the rhymes using each line as a clue before turning the card over to see if he was correct! They really made him think about what animals they could be describing before eliminating some of them as the rhyme progressed.

As a home educating family we absolutely love this resource! Rhyming is something that Jack struggles with so they are great to help us work on that and talk about which words rhyme. They are great for listening and reading skills as well as for breaking down to find the clues that will help identify the animal on the back of the card. We both found some of them quite tricky and they included both animals he was familiar with as well as new ones we hadn't heard of before which led on to further research to find out more about certain animals which was great!


After the game he chose a few of his favourites and wanted to match them up with some of his animals which just added to the fun!

This little pack of cards are so much more than cards. They are super versatile and they can be used in lots of different ways already and I'm sure they will find many more uses as a great little resource! We will definitely be ordering the space set to add to these and we are both looking forward to learning some more new facts!

If you fancy buying these cards too, here is the link 

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