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Ideas for Advent Calendars

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Ideas for Advent Calendars

It's that time of year again, only a few weeks until the start of Advent.  

We have a wooden calendar that I fill each year with small gifts and treats. I am always on the look out for sustainable gifts so thought I would put together this list of small items that won't break the bank either!

1. Lanka Kade Advent

If you would like the easy option, I have put toegther a Lanka Kade Advent. You can chose from 12 or 24 days. If you go for 24 days I can also bag them all up for you and put the date on each one. Pick your theme and let me know what you have already so I can avoid duplicates.   

828x823     1500x1500

2. Christmas Crayons

A Set of 3 crayons in a small canvas bag


3. Wooden Mini Beasts

A perfect option for bug lovers, buy the complete set of 33 or you can also buy individually. You could chose a few of these along with the mini beast flash cards and pop one of those in each day too. 


4. Flash Cards

Put a flashcard in each day, whether you go for wildflowers, landmarks, planets, moon phases or a combination of a few options. 


5. Spinning Tops

We have a range of these available and are small enough too, a few themes to chose from:  

- World Animals

- Adventure

- Christmas


6. Forest Friends Pencil Tube

1500x1500 (1)

7. Loose Parts Selection

Loose Parts can be purchased individually or in bundles. Why not by a bowl or basket for day 1 and fill it with 23 loose part items during Advent. 


 These Sensory Reflective Sound Buttons make a great option to add variety to loose parts play. 

8. Paint your own Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations


9. Playdough

So many different flavours available, could easily go in the advent with a few wooden tools too. 


10. Sensory Bubble - Small 


11 Wooden Bracelet


12. Stones

I love the Yellow Door stones, they could easily be split to put into advent calendars. Maybe a Footprints set, or Bugs with the Wooden Mini Beast blocks. There are lots of difference combinations to go for. 


13. Christmas Finger Puppets


14. Flexi Christmas Characters



If you are still looking for ideas, you can browse our stocking filler section which has all of our pocket money toys included,  

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