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Kids Party - Gift Ideas

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Gift Ideas for Childrens' Parties 

Since September things have certainly got much busier in our house. The school activities have started again, the clubs and sports are happening at the weekends and the children's party invitations have started to roll in. It can be difficult buying for children you don't know very well and I am concious that I want to buy things that will be used and played with. 

I thought I would share my top 10 ideas that me and my team have come up with recently. 


1. Lanka Kade Vehicle and Figure - £8.75

These vehicles and figures are so popular and are such good value. They make a great gift. You can choose from: 

  • Ambulance and Paramedic
  • Fire Engine and Fireman
  • Police Car and Police Man/Woman
  • Tractor and Farmer

police ambulance 

fire farmer

2. Playdough & Tools Gift Bag - £12.50

Such a popular option for a broad range of ages. This set comes with 1 x playdough, 1 x wooden tool and 1 x roller. A really safe option as a gift as most children love to get messy with playdough, but a small enough set to be contained. It comes with a gift bag so already wrapped. 


3. Creative Threading Set - £7.50

A great set which comes in its own storage box, thread and make jewellery and bead strings.A good developmental aid for fine motor skills too. 

4. Nature Bundle - £14.45

Whether your child is a plant or creature lover, this nature bundle would be perfect, A big Magnifier and some spotter cards of your choice.  

Nature Bundle

You could also put together your own little bundle with a spotter book, smaller magnifying glass and colouring in. One of my lovely team put together this gift bundle for a recent gift for a 6 year old. 


What to See in Autumn Book

Magnifying Glass

Hedgehog Flashcard & Colouring in

Mixed Leaf Crayons 

5. Explorer Gifts

Most children love the outdoors so you can't really go wrong with an Explorer Gift. 

Options available are:

compass telescope


6. Bunny Tales or figure collection. 

Figures tend to be so popular, this is a fairly new set launched this year so children are unlikely to have it as well. For 3 figures I thought it was good value. 

If the child has a particular interest in Farm animals or Mini Beasts you would also put together a selection of Lanka Kade Animals or the Tickit MiniBeasts Block. Adding the Gift Wrap option which is a reusable bag, makes these figures into a lovely gift. 

1000x1000 (1)

7. Seeds and Tools Set.

I love a useful gift and hopefully this will be enjoyable for the children too. You could choose from the Flower seeds or perhaps the nee plantable books which double up as a story. We have the individual tools for just £1.50 or the tool sets for £4.50. 

basil Plantable Book

1000x987 1000x1000

8. Fish and Chip Supper - £12.50

Such a british meal to have, so a popular choice and one you probably cannot go wrong with. 


9. Story Sack

These are so popular in my house. We love reading and playing along with the figures. 

We offer many different story sacks, but if you didn't a complete set you could put one toegther yourself too. 

Hilda the hedgehog and Otto the Octopus are currently a big hit with my 6 year old. She loves the rhyming nature of the story, but also they have a strong message about looking after our planet and especially out animals. 

If you didn't want to buy the complete story sack, why not purchase the book and add the main character as a figure for under £10. 


10. Puzzles 

We have a wide range of puzzles for all ages, and a large selection to choose from under £10. You can browse the whole range here

Starting from baby and toddler and all the way up to jigsaws with over 100 pieces for those older children. Here are just a few of my favourites: 





Lanka Kade - 1-5 Bus                Arctic animals - 28 Piece

nujig globe

Nujig Puzzle                               Double Sided Globe Jigsaw 

I hope this blog has been useful, 

You can also browse toys by theme if you know what their interests are but also by age too. 



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