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Top 10 Stocking Fillers

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Top 10 Stocking Fillers

I am finally getting to look at my children's stocking gifts so thought I would put together this little guide of my recommendations for the best Stocking Fillers this Christmas. 

Srocking fillers


We sometimes do a little joint stocking too as they like some of the same toys. So the Crafty things and Christmas items will go into a joint sack - we introduced this a few years ago and did a letter from Santa telling them that they had to share. 

1. Magnifying Glass - £3.00 each 

These cute little magnifying glasses are great for little explorers. They allow children to explore their environment - looking more closely at natural resources both inside and outside. 

Magnifying Glass - 4 designs


2. Something Christmassy 

I always include a few Christmassy Things in a Stocking, an Selection box or some Chocolate Coins. However this year I will also be including one of these Dancing Christmas Figures in their Stockings - £3.75 each and Christmas Spinning Tops £2.50 each

1000x311 11471_small_foot_legler_display_kreisel_weihnachten_12er_a


3. Play Dough and Tools 

My two love crafts, so we always include some craft items, this year I will be giving them some fresh Play Dough and a Dough Stamper £1.95 each - they had the Tools set last Christmas so these will be good to go with them.  We also love the Christmassy scented Playdough and the Gingerbread one is a real favourite. 

Dough and Clay Stampers

 4. Explorer Toys

Three different ones to chose from, Compass, Magnifying Glass and Kaleidoscope. Lovely as a set or individually, £3.95 each



5. Animal Stamps - £1.75 each

Another lovely addition to the Craft box, these animals stamps are good for general crafting - can create pictures - lots of different designs to collect. 



6. Sensory Toys

These toys engage children whatever their age, time for calm and focus but to explore light too.

My two favourites are the Glitter Storm and the Sensory Dual Colour. 

Glitterstorm2 1000x727

7. Vehicles

So popular with children of all ages, my favourite are these Lanka Kade big chunky vehicles - they also have animals with wheels too. 

If you have prefer something lighter then the Bajo vehicles are great for small hands  as they have holes to grasp

images          41310


8. The Den Kit Mini Kits

These are definitely a big favourite and something for all ages. Great for outdoor play and can be transferred inside for further extension to play activities. 

Choose from: 

- Hedgehog Nesting Kit

- Mini Pizza for the Birds

- Bug Spotter Set

- Patterns in Nature

- Knot Skills 

 MK_Hedgehog_Nest_Inside_600x MK_Bug_Spotter_Inside_600xMK_Mini_Pizza_Kit_Inside_2_600x

9. Tangram Puzzle Box

This box of shapes kept my two entertained for ages - it was a great toy for out and about in the summer, but they are just as happy ay home playing with this - they are 5 & 7. It comes with some ideas of pictures to make but children can also make their own. 




10. Wooden Pencil Case with Pencils, sharpener and ruler.  - £4.95 each

This comes in two different designs so perfect for my two, they can have one each. A sliding top and sturdy wooden pencil case, comes with pencils, ruler and sharperner. 






I hope this little guide has been helpful. I found it really difficult to keep it to just 10 toys, however you can browse all Stocking Fillers here. Please email or message if you would like any recommendations. 

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