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Glitter Storm Review

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Glitter Storm Review

Naomi Morris (@naomimorris16)

We have had our tick-it glitter storm from the wooden play den for quite a while now, and I just love how it gets used in so many different ways. It really is an open ended toy and can help take a child’s imagination to another dimension.


My 4 year old absolutely loves to watch the moving glitter after giving in a shake. She then likes to hold the glitter storm up to her eyes and investigate the world around her whilst peering through the glitter. It also gets incorporated into small world play on many occasions, it has been a sky scraper, a tree and even a bulldozer! It’s good to know that a child’s imagination knows no bounds!

My 9 year old on the other hand tends to use the glitter storm as a tool to help her relax and calm down. She will shake the tube to get the glitter to swirl round and sit watching it as it slowly settles. This is a great strategy she has developed to help her met her sensory needs.

In contrast when I have used the glitter storm with the children I work with who all have a diagnosis of autism and sensory processing difficulties, they too have all found different ways of exploring the glitter storm. One of their favourite activities is exploring it on the light box alongside the tick-it rainbow blocks. The moving glitter always draws them in to the activity. Another firm favourite is rolling the tub down the ramp in class, this has been great for prompting fine and gross motor skills as well as turn taking with peers.

I continue to be amazed at the different ways the children use the glitter storm and how it supports their learning through play.

We now have a dedicated section on our wesbite for Sensory Toys. 

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