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At age 4 your child might now have started school, just like my little lady did this year. She has helped me out with both the Age 4 and Age 5 Categories but would happily play with toys in both sections, so I would recommend you have a browse at Age 5 too. If you are searching for wooden toys for 4 year olds, hopefully this will give you a few ideas. 

Here are our Top Gift Ideas for your 4 year old 



Playing Games on Christmas Day is a bit of a tradition for me and we love to buy our children a new game to play each year. We like this Stacking Garden Animal Game as the figures can be used in play too.  


Wooden Till

Playing shops is a good way to encourage maths skills and number work. We love this till with money and card machine. Kids love to copy too don't they!



Playing outdoors

I have two outdoor explorers, so any toys and resources we can take with us on a walk are always a hit. I have included some of the Den Kit sets in Age 5, however the animal track cards and Yellow door footprints are a popular choice here. 



Story Telling

These story telling stones can create real imagination and can also be used for crafts and essy play. 

Three themes available - Fairytale, Space and Under the Sea.




Give the gift of a subscription ensures that it lasts throughout the year. Our Subscription can be brand based or age related and can be for any number of months. A great way to build a collection. 


 An introduction to numbers and letters is great for this age. 

TL8415-1 LJ23 Dinosaur a-z jigsaw


If you would like to browse a wider range of toys for your child then please visit the Pre School and also recommend the School Years Category for older ones 


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