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Wooden Toy Subscriptions - Q&A

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Wooden Toys Subscriptions

I recently hosted a Facebook Event to answer all of the questions people have about Wooden Toy Subscriptions. There are a number of different options available, which can seem confusing if you havent had a subscription before. 

I have collated all of the questions and responses in one place, so if you are considering a subscription with The Wooden Play Den, hopefully this may give you a bit more infomation. 

Here is a quick summary of each of our subscriptions to get us started: 

Wish List Subscription 

You provide a specific list of toys that you want to receive, it needs to be a big list! It enables you to spread the cost if you know what toys you want to receive. You will receive a parcel each month and know what you are receiving overall. 

  • Add items that are currently out of stock 
  • The value of toys will not always be the same, if you receive less one month the money is rolled over.   
  • Good option a few months before a birthday or Christmas 


Mixed Brand Subscription 


If you like specific brands then this is for you. You can specify between 2 & 4 brands.

  • 3 levels available - £20, £30 or £40 per month, you will receive a saving based on the level selected. the higher the level the higher the saving. 
  • Some months higher / lower value all evens out.   
  • Email a list of anything you have already so you dont receive duplicates
  • Let me know preferences, Bajo but not rainbows, Holztiger but not people etc. 
  • Join at any time during the month 
  • Toys will be received 7-10 days after payment 


  • What is the list of brands we choose from? - Any brands available on the website. Recommended between 2 & 4 Brands.  

  • If I buy the £20 Sub, am I only saving 10%? - Yes, the % savings increases the higher the level. 

  • Would Neds be in any of the subscriptions, if so which level? Ans: Neds can be included and it would have to be mixed with other brands and would be at least level 2. 


Mystery Box Description  

3 different levels available with an increased level of savings the higher the level. Value received each month is approximate and it will fluctuate. 

  • Email list of anything you already have so you don't receive duplicates. 
  • Specify themes like – Transport, puzzles 
  • Join at anytime during the month 
  • Toys received 7-10 days after payment 


  • So would this include anything from your website rather than just your specified brands?  - Yes anything 

  • Could you ask to not have certain things or a certain brand? - Yes, you can do exclusions too, that's tine. 


Holztiger Subscription

Receive a parcel of Holztiger toys each month. A perfect way to build a collection.  

  • £20, £30 or £40 per month, the level of savings increase witht the level chosen. 
  • Email a list of any animals you have if you don’t want them duplicated 
  • You can specify themes example, Dinosaurs, Woodland, Ocean 
  • Join at anytime of the month 
  • Toys will be received 7-10 days after payment 


  • Can you change theme through the subscription ie: every few months move onto new theme? - Yes 

  • What if I already have a collection? - That's fine, just email a list of duplicates you already have.

Eric and Albert Subscription 

Currently closed for subscription, but hopefully opening in February, please email [email protected] f you would like to be added to the waiting list. 


  • £20, £30 or £40 per month, the level of savings increase witht the level chosen. 
  • Value will be approximate and will be calculated as an average, so some months more and some months less. 
  • Email a list of any animals you have if you don’t want them duplicated 
  • You can specify themes example, Farm, Woodland, Ocean 
  • Join at anytime of the month 
  • Toys will be received 7-10 days after payment 


  • Are seasonable items included in Holztiger and E&A?  - Not automatically, please let me know if you would like to include seasonal items in your sub. 

General Questions

Q: Can I join if I am not based in the UK? 

A: No sorry, this is only available to UK customers.  

Q: Can you say you don’t want certain items? If you already have them. 

A:Yes, you can send a list of duplicates 

Q: Ialready have a subscription for toys, Can I change it over to start collecting animals? 

A: Yes you can change what you receive, just let me know what you would like. 

Q: Can I combine Subs? 

A: Yes, you can do a mixed brand or just pop over your preferancesand I’m sure I can accommodate it 

Q: Was thinking of combining E&A with a wish list / mixed brand etc? 

A: Yes sounds good. A wish list may be best so you can specify exactly what you would like.  

Q: If you have more than one subscription can postage be combined? Or if you have two that total over £40 would you qualify for free postage? 

A: Yes, Effectively if you have two subscriptions going out at the same time; then you will receive higher value items, as the postage would be combined. 

Q: I’m torn between Holztiger and Eric & Albert 

A: Some people do have a combined sub of E & A and Holztiger or E & A one month and Holztiger the next. 

Q: Are Neds in any of the Subscriptions?  

A: They can be included in Wish List, Mystery Box, Mixed Brand. However due to their limited availability there would need to be other things included.   

All of our subscriptions can be found here. If you have any further questions then please send me an email and I will be happy to help. [email protected]


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