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Ways to Play - Wooden Writing Board

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Wooden Writing Board available from The Wooden Play Den 

I love the versatility of open ended toys, but somtimes it can be tricky if you get stuck for ideas. 

These wipeable wooden writing boards have been a great hit. Each with their own individual grain, they offer a world of opportunity as they can can be reused over and over again.  So many of my lovely customers have shared their play ideas using these boards. I thought I would collect them all together into a blog to share with you for inspiration. 

1. Become an Artist. 

Perhaps one of the most obvious activities is to simply draw. You could create a portrait of each other, perhaps a self portrait, or you could ask your children to draw something about their day. 

IMG_8893 IMG_8894

2. Games. 

PHOTO-2019-05-10-19-57-19 Play games: there are so many opportunities to play   games, noughts and crosses, drafts,  hangman, a   perfect travel toy as its wipe clean and start again. 





3. Counting

A simple tally chart, count flowers outside, collect shells on the beach, spot things on a journey - red cars or lorries. You could also count items drawn on the board or divide the board into areas and ask you child to collect the right number of objects. Learn to write the numbers of how many things you have collected.

PHOTO-2019-05-10-19-57-17  IMG_0143  c24cf270-fcb7-4428-8b50-c4c40769eae3


4. Practising letter formation

A few ideas here for practicing letters, copying letters. 

IMG_0130    7a3a60c1-1a5c-46cc-a390-8968d8e568ba

5. Mark making

Mark making is the beginning of a child's journey into writing. Learning how to hold a pen and improving their fine motor skills with practice. It is a perfect accessory for this activity. 

IMG_0144                IMG_0133              c6ebb475-4ea0-47e3-8403-343d1279b4fe

Wooden writing boards are available here and are £8.50. Each board has its own individual wood grain so boards do vary. 

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  1. Sophie Roberts

    Awesome blog post! I definitely need one of these ?

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