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Toys for on the go .......

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I learnt very early on as a mum that I needed to keep my little ones entertained when we went out to family parties, a restaurant or anywhere that wasnt of interest to an excited toddler.

Now my children are 5 and 3 I still carry a little bag for each of them and quite often some paper and pens.

Here are my top 5 toys for on the go .....

1. Magnetic Labyrinth

This game keeps little ones entertained, it's all in one piece so you cannot lose parts if you are in the car or on an aeroplane. Its £5.50 and comes in 3 different colours.



2. Games - Ludo & Snakes and Ladders

These travel games pack away into the box so are great for taking on holiday or to have in a restuarant on the table.


3. Flexi Animals

This toys are compact and a perfect option to take out in one of our Travel Toy Bags. Support fine motor skills development and inquisitive minds.


4. Screw Animals

Similar to the flexi animals but suitable for slightly older children.


5. Transformbot

This Transformbot appeals to a wide age group and I have even sold these to adults too!


My final tip is to put a few things in one of our little bags and take it with you. Children love taking things out and putting things into bags



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