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How do Subscriptions work at The Wooden Play Den?

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Subscriptions options for 2019 have been launched. If you haven't come across the idea before it can be confusing so I thought I would write a short blog to try and explain how they work at The Wooden Pay Den. 


Why get a subscription? 

Subscriptions are ideal for you if:

- you are looking to start a collection of toys of a specific brand

- you want to build up your stock of toys to keep as presents

- you’d like to receive a surprise new toy every month 

- you want to save money and receive a discount

What is a subscription?

A subscription is simply an agreement between you and The Wooden Play Den. You pay an agreed fee each month and we send you toys!

Some subscriptions have 3 different levels:

Level 1: £20 per month.

- includes postage at £2.95

- includes a 10% bonus in the value of the toys you receive. For example, a standard £20 spend with us would give you £17.05 to spend on toys + £2.95 postage. However, a £20 subscription with us would give you £17.05 + 10% of the total = £19.05 worth of toys each month. (This is an approximate value: some months it may be more and some months slightly less to balance out the value to you.)

Level 2: £30 per month.

- includes reduced rate postage at £2.95 (usually £3.50)

- includes a 15% bonus in the value of the toys you receive. (So a regular spend of £26.50 + £3.50 postage = £30 becomes £27.05 + 15% = £31.55, as explained above. Also as above, this is an approximate saving so some months it maybe more and some months slightly less.) 

Level 3: £40 per month.

- includes FREE POSTAGE

- includes a 20% bonus in the value of the toys you receive. Combining this bonus with free postage gives you a massive £48 worth of toys every month! (Again, this is an approximate saving so some months it maybe more and some months slightly less.) 

Answers to FAQs about our subscriptions:

- You can start one at anytime of the year.

- They can be started at anytime of the month. 

- The first payment is taken immediately when you sign up and monthly thereafter.

- You can combine the postage for subscriptions with other toys - just get in touch prior to your subscription being paid.

- Parcels are sent within 48 hours of payment. 

- We will keep list of what we have sent out so you never receive duplicates.

- You can specify a preference - if you would like a Farm or Woodland collection, for example.

- If you already have a few items you can let me know what these are and we won’t send them out. 

- You can cancel your subscription at anytime

I am happy to answer any further questions: just drop me an email or message. 


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  1. Hayley

    Fantastic explanation. We absolutely love our Holztiger subscription. It's meant starting and growing a fabulous collection with very little effort and fabulous savings.

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