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Fillers for Advent Calendars

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Creating your own Advent calendar, or filling little drawers or stockings has become really popular. I have had a few people ask about toys which can specifically fit into small pockets as an alternative to a chocolate treat. 

I have a drawer advent calendar whereby the drawers are only 3cm square so I know how difficult it is to find small items which will be enjoyed. 

Here are a few ideas of wooden toys that you could include in your advent calendar. I have chosen small items but please check specific sizes if you are limited on space. 

Click on the title of each toy for more details

1. Fairytale Finger Puppets - £14.50 for a set of 6.

A set of 6, you could easily fill up 6 days with these little puppets. 


2. Christmas Stamps - £5.75 for a set of 3. 

Perfect for Advent, to create Christmas Cards and fun seasonal crafts. 


3. Christmas Tree Threading Set - £3.50

A bit bigger - so please check the size, but a great craft idea, maybe for after the schools break up. 

Threading Christmas Tree

4. Animal Spinning Tops - £1


5. Animal Stamps - £1.75


6. Toothbrush Timer - Robot and Owl - £3.50 each

download (1)

7. Wooden Animals - Holztiger & Eric and Albert


8. Critter Compass - £3


9. Vehicle Play Set - Farm, Fire Police, Breakdown - £8 per set

They all contain 4 different parts so can be spread over 4 days.


10. Wooden Watch £1


11. Wooden Bracelet £1


12. Make your own Bracelet Kit - 50p

Bracelet Kit

13. Flexi Animals - £2.50 


14. Egg Shaker Rattle - £4


15. Wooden Book

Picture Book

16. Pull back Animals, Dragon and Unicorn - £5.50 each


17. Animal Sounds - Dog, Chicken and Cow - £3.50 each

Animal Noises

18. Flexi Unicorn & Dragon - £6 each


19. Number Peg Dolls - £37.50 for 10

These handpainted peg dolls could take up 10 spots in your advent calender


20. Rainbow Gnomes - £39.50 for 10

A lovely set which can again be separated throughout the month to fill lot of your advent days. 



I hope you have found some inspiration.

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