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Half Term Activity Ideas

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It's half term next week with us, so thought I would collate a few ideas for actvities and things to do. I know some of you may have already had half term but hopefully you can save these ideas for the Easter Holidays which isn't far away. 

Highway Rat Trail (England)

Following on from the success of the Gruffalo Trail and the Stickman Trail, the highway rat has arrived to a forest near you. Bringing the story to life with activities to do along the way. Take a walk around the woods and find 10 rat themed panels, there is an activity pack you can buy but its not essential. Click here to find your nearest trail 

City Trip and Museum

During the half term break you will at some point need a trip out. You could make a day of it and head somewhere on the train, creating the journey to be part of the adventure too. Many Museums are still free. Here is a list of the Top 20 FREE museums for families in the UK. Worth a look especially if your children are a little bit older. 

National Trust

Becoming a member of the national trust has been great for us, we have used it at weekends when at home but also when we are away on holiday it has provided us with a free day out. If you are members then it's definately worth your while checking out their half term activities too. 

Treasure Hunts

The latest craze in our house is to do treasure hunts, this is simply finding a list of things which are written on a piece of paper. This can be done absolutely anywhere, inside, outside, at home, on a walk or at a venue like the National Trust above and it keeps the kids entertained and focused on an activity. 

Get Cooking

A great way to get kids into different foods is to cook with them. Start right at the beginning and let them choose what they might want to cook, look through cookery books together and let them pick something. You can even write a shopping list for the ingredients and go shopping before hand. When I do this with my son, we generally end up with lots of cakes, but he often picks something that i wouldn’t normally and that way we get to try new receipes too. 

Cinema Afternoon

We can never guarantee the weather so having some indoor activities planned would be a winner. Having a cinema afternoon, with pop corn and a few snacks, a few films, perhaps find a new one to watch? There are so many in charity shops now that you can pick up a new one for a little as 50p

I hope this has given you a few ideas to add to your list for next week. 

I'd love to hear what you get up to.



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