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Top 10 Tips for starting school

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As many of you know, my little man starts school this term and although I have had all of the official information, I was really keen to know the parents view. 

My lovely customers and Facebook likers have shared their top tips for starting school, here is the complete list. Thank you to everyone who contributed. 

1. Make sure you always have change for the non uniform days/cake sale's!

2. Get a calendar or diary with lots of space for school related date, activities, parties etc.

3. Going to the cloakroom at the end of the day/lunchtime to collect belongings can be a massive task, especially when there are a lot of other and (sometimes) bigger children there too and maybe some with the same stuff!!...its very easy for little ones to get completely overwhelmed and end up upset.

I put something on their bag/coat/lunchbox that they can easily recognise like a sticker or a keyring that is unique to them!

4. Go for walks/drive past school and say things like oh look theres your new school so gets familiar with seeing the place so does not look so daunting on first day. Let them get excited at picking uniform and their school bag etc. 

5. Label all his clothes, water bottle and bag. Put L and R in his shoes and trainers to help him get them on the correct feet and spend a bit of time now with him practicing to get in and out of his uniform and PE kit.

6. I have a clip board on a hook in the kitchen, all the letters, newsletters etc all get out on there so I can keep track of where they are.

7. Don't worry if he says they did nothing today or can't remember anything. It takes time for them to get used to it all. 

8. After dropping him off ???? run like the wind ???? and enjoy that few hours of freedom to yourself ????

9. Don't show him if you are upset on his first day reassure him he will be fine and who he is in the class with. If you are calm, chilled, happy and not making a big deal likelihood is he will be the same. 

10. Practise the school morning routine, including getting dressed and eating breakfast in time to leave.

Good Luck to everyone starting or moving schools this year. 


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