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Stocking Fillers for all Ages

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Stocking fillers for any age

Stocking fillers are all part of Christmas, i used to love opening my stocking and seeing all the little nik naks that Santa had brought. Here are my favourite Stocking fillers for kids. 

IMG_3922 (2)

1. Toothbrush Timers - £3.50

A little owl that holds your tooth brush and times how long teeth are brushed for. Encourage your children to carry on brushing until all of the sand has gone through the timer.

2. Christmas Music Player - £4

These music players are a hit with all children, see their face light up and 

3. Jitter Bug - £2

A traditional toy which is treasured by children, who would have thought that a little bug in a box gives so much pleasure.

4. Push Puppet - £2.50

Christmas Themed along with farm and safari animals.

5. Twisty Animals - £4.50

Twist off the part of the animal and build him up to make the animal. Twisting action great to develop fine motor skills ready to hold a pen and write. Available in Giraffe, Crocodile, Lion and Elephant

All of our stocking fillers can be found here

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