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Number Row - Ways to Play

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I love toys that can be played with in a number of ways and along with allowing children to create their own games through imaginative play.

Here are just a few ideas that our number rows can be played with, I am sure your children would be able to add a few more suggestions too:

1. Jigsaw - by slotting the pieces together children are developing their fine motor and problem solving skills. Jigsaws also enable children to learn about patience and reward.

2. Counting - with 10 pieces its easy to put the pieces into groups of different quantities. Count how many pieces are in each group and which groups have more or less pieces.

3. Number Recognition - Each piece has a number painted on, children can recognis how the numbers are written and then progress onto the put the numbers into a sequence.

4. Colours - the vivid colours make it easy to learn the colours. You could also encourage your children to name every day items which matcn the colours of the jigsaw.

5. Balancing - the number row can stand up, children can carefully place them together stood up on a shelf or table.

Our number rows come in Tortoise, Tractor and Chick themes, more information can be found by clicking here.

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