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Childrens' birthday parties can be a stressfull time, hoping your child will have the best party and all of their friends will enjoy it. You maybe worried about the spiralling costs which so easily can get out of hand and how you can compete with other parties. Well before you decide what to go for, why not consider these top tips to make it the best party your child could wish for.......

Think about the invite list

The type of party you have may be dependant on who you invite, does your child have a small group of friends, or is it typical to invite the whole class? What will your child feel most comfortable with and enjoy, do they really want 30 children running around or would they enjoy a smaller party with close friends? The best parties are not always with the most people, so think about what your child would enjoy most and stick with that.


Set a specific start and finish time, if parents are leaving their children make sure you have their phone numbers and that they know what time to collect them. It sounds obvious but it can be stressfull being responsible for children that you may or may not know that well.

The Activities 

There are so many options now for actvities. Entertainers doing everything from magic to sports to animals. Hiring an entertainer can be expensive, and there are so many things that you could organise yourself that would be much more cost effective and the enjoyment wouldn't suffer, try these options

- Crafting activities - You can organise Crafts stations where children can create a themed item, perhaps their own party hat, or a mask?

- Cup cake decorating - Pre make some cup cakes and provide them children with icing and sprinkles - they will love creating their own cakes to eat later on at the party.

- Pamper Party - A smaller party for older girls - get a few new nail varnish colours and mild face masks and cucumber over their eyes. Could easily be done yourself to reduce costs rather than getting a professional in.

- Sports day theme - If the weather is good you could organise a traditional sports day, sack race, egg and spoon. Do a leader board and have a winner, would need a fairly big garden but kids love being outside.

- Face painting - Do you know any friends or family that can do face painting. Perhaps limit them to a theme so there are not so many options for children to choose from.  


Number cakes can look great and maybe easier to make than themed cakes. If your child loves chocolate why not put chocolate fingers around the edge with mini eggs or malteasers in the middle for a real chocolatey treat.

You could make a tiered cake and buy figures and props to add to the cake.  


Lunch Boxes are a great idea and can be prepared in advance, you can even ask for dietary requirements and put childrens' names on them so you dont have to worry about allergies. Depending on the time of the party may depend on what food you have, You cant beat some sandwiches, cheese straws or cheese pots, fruit, jelly, chocolate fingers and party rings.

Party Bags


Paper bags with tag, wooden toys, bundles

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