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Half Term Activities

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It's that time already and half term is fast approaching. The kids are probably ready for a break from school and you may have already been planning how you will spend the week. I have put together a few suggestions for half term entertainment. 

Rainy Days in doors

Crafting is a big favourite of mine and the majority of kids can find a craft they enjoy. It might be messy but if you can find an area and a big plastic table cloth it will be worth it. It's also great to do crafting outdoors if the weather is nice as that way there is no mess in the house and the kids can be as messy as they like, which they will love. Painting, Drawing, food collage, story writing, chalk drawing, play dough

We have been expanding our range of crafting toys, most of which can be painted/created and then played with afterwards so not just a one day activity. Here are a few suggestions but the full list at Games and Crafts

dino2      RD3 


Day Trips

Kids love day trips, where ever it is they love getting out and about. There is so much to do and lots of events on during half term so check out your local attractions. The National Trust have a dedicated page for all UK events during half term. Why not take a look here National Trust

If you are taking a long journey you will need to think about activities for the journey. A note pad and pen create so many games, as do car games which are lovely to play with the whole family, eye spy. As a child I used to play the game of naming all the animals and what the mummy, daddy, baby and a group of them were called. I now realise that this was educational too, but we used to love it!

I would love to hear about your plans for half term and if you end up playing games and crafts why not share your pictures with me via Facebook or Twitter

Whatever you are up to, have a great week.

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