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Product of the week - Number Row

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Here at The Wooden Play Den, I would love you to know more about our products, and following some feedback it seems like you would like this too! Therefore each week I will be bringing you a product review. I hope to share more information about the product, explain the benefits, share some customer feedback and explain why children love it!

This week our featured toys are the Handmade Wooden Number Row Puzzles.


The range includes, elephants, tractors, tortoises, penguins and chicks. Each toys is a series of 10 pieces, which fit together to make number row 1 - 10, each piece being a different number. The pieces are durable, brightly coloured, hand painted and have beautful detail. The tortoise puzzle is slightly different as the pieces increase in size as the numbers get bigger.

Elephant RowTortoise Row

These puzzles are recommended for children who are aged 2 years and older, children this age love playing with figures and are learning about different animals and colours.  Whislt primarily promoting familiarity with numbers, they also encourage colour recognition due to their bright funky design.

Whislt playing with these puzzles children will develop hand-eye co-ordination and problem solving skills as they try and create the number row from the individual pieces.  The number rows are great fun and for the more imaginative child they can become multi functional and use them as individual figures in role play.

The number rows are between 8cm and 10 cm tall and 40cm and 70 cm long. Each puzzles comes with its own drawstring cotton storage bag to retain all of the pieces. The puzzles can be stood up to be displayed in a nursery or on a shelf.

We have received some great feedback from our customers so far, being pleased with their quality and durability. As well as the children loving them, the adults love them too as they promote learning through play.  

If you have a birthday present to buy or are keen to start your christmas shopping. Or just looking for a unusual puzzle for an age 2 or 3 year old to aid development why not give them a try. Prices range from £12 - £14 each.

Link to Number Row puzzles



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