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  1. I have recently come across the ideas of story sacks. My son was able to bring one home from school. It is normally a large cloth bag with a chidren's story book included with supporting materials, all related to the theme of the book.

    The supporting materials can include factual and reference books, toys including soft toys and games which would all be linked to the children's story book.  

    Here are a few suggestions of story sacks you can create yourself using some of our toys from The Wooden Play Den.

  2. Safari Stack - ways to play

    I love this game, and it is a favourite in our house with my 1 year old and 4 year old. Take it in turns to roll the dice and build a tower of 4 different animals - the first to build the tower without it falling over wins.

    That's the game as it is shown on the box, but after having this game for just over a year, my 4 year old has come up with lots of other options which I thought I would share. I have also had customer feedback of a few different games too - which I have included.


  3. Mastering new skills - Pincer Grip

    The pincer grip is an early childhood milestone which opens up a world of opportinuty for your little one. The pincer grip will enable your child to feed himself, move puzzle pieces, turn pages of a book and later on will enable your child to write, use scissors, eat using a fork or spoon, thread beads, dress themselves and tie their own shoe laces.