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  1. Creating your own Advent calendar, or filling little drawers or stockings has become really popular. I have had a few people ask about toys which can specifically fit into small pockets as an alternative to a chocolate treat. 

    I have a drawer advent calendar whereby the drawers are only 3cm square so I know how difficult it is to find small items which will be enjoyed. 

    Here are a few ideas of wooden toys that you could include in your advent calendar. I have chosen small items but please check specific sizes if you are limited on space. 

    Click on the title of each toy for more details

  2. We have so many toys in our house. There are what the kids call "my toys" which are all hidden away in boxes. And of course the toys which fill their bedrooms too. Every year we have a bit of clear out, normally September time to make way for the obvious Christmas influx.

    I find too many toys also has a negative impact on how they play - they can't find the toys they want to play with and there is just too much to look at that they cannot focus on a theme or game to play with and end up loding interest. 

    Here are some top tips I am adopting to try and reduce the number of toys we have and enable them to explore their toys more easily: