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  1. Crafty Kids

    Some kids just love crafts and it’s a great way to keep them busy on cold rainy days. Kids can often use their imagination with just some card board boxes and paper to create their very own masterpiece. However I have some lovely craft sets too which will enable them to create their very own playset or decorative artwork. 

    A range of gift ideas for crafty kids.

    1. Flower Press Kit - £10


    A complete Flower Press kit in a tin, ideal for older children to complete with adult supervision. Everything you need to complete your own flower pressing. Children can then add then to cards or make pictures with their pressed flowers. 

  2. A Baby's first Christmas is an extra special time. You want to buy them the perfect gift, but all babies will be interested in are the bright lights, music, trees and wrapping paper.

    Here are a few gift ideas for your babies first Christmas. Young children change so much at this age that it's worth thinking about what they might need in 6 months time expecially if they have a birthday later in the year.

    1. Multi Activity Board


    A sensory experience for you little one, mirrors, sounds and textures. A lovely toy which can be used independently for tummy time or babies who are sitting up. Alternatively show your baby the features and let them copy you whilst they are sat on your knee. 

  3.  Five simple ways you can help your family’s emotional wellbeing


    Hi I’m Louise from Society Of Self-esteem and I help people break-free from yo-yo dieting and build confidence and self-esteem. Building your self-esteem is vital for achieving your goals in life and an important part of this is looking after your emotional well-being.  So I’m going to share with you five really simple things you can do regularly with your family that can help you all feel well.  What’s more, these are things that don’t have to cost the earth!