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Cotton Twist was founded by Anne-Clare, here is her story.

Cotton Twist came to life in early 2015, born out of a deep passion for fostering creativity & imagination in children. In a world that often feels overrun by gadgets & technology, we wanted to rekindle the pure joy of crafting. Our mission is simple: to inspire creativity, spread happiness, & make gift-giving memorable.

At the core, we recognize the importance of preserving our planet for future generations. That's why we are proud to say goodbye to excessive plastic. We're committed to using sustainable materials & eco-friendly packaging, ensuring our kits & gifts leave a positive mark on the environment.

We draw inspiration from the past, combining it with a touch of chic simplicity. Our craft kits & gifts are designed to evoke a sense of nostalgia, taking you back to a time when imagination was your greatest playground. From lolly sticks to ribbon, wooden pegs to beads, we celebrate the beauty of raw materials, infusing them with new life & purpose.

Our craft kits are as versatile as your creativity. They're perfect for a wide range of occasions, whether you're filling party bags, adding a touch of enchantment to stocking fillers, creating memorable wedding day activities or keeping little ones entertained during travel & rainy days. With Cotton Twist, there's always a reason to celebrate the art of crafting.

Explore our carefully crafted kits & let your creativity soar.

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