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 The Little Black & White book project was founded by Ruth in 2016, Ruth is a graphic designer, mum and animal lover. 

Ruth was searching for black and white baby books before her son arrived, when her searched wasn't very sucessful she decided to create some of her own and The Little Black & White Book Project was born, along with her son soon after! 

Each design aims to be as true to life as possible, so children would recognise the aniamals if they saw them in a photograph. Aniamls are also represented in the relevant animal groups and habitats so children can learn from about animals all around the world from an early age. 

The company strive to be as eco-friendly as possible and use FSC certified and recycled paper. In additon to this 25% off profits from the company are given to wildlife charities, so every purchase continues to help the beautiful species that you see in these books. 

Ruth is a fellow SBS winner and we met at the Annual event a few years ago, I have gifted books and flashcards to family friends and always had such good feedback so I am very proud to be stocking these in my shop 

I hope you like them.

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